Every woman has the capacity to break down at any point no matter your statues in the society. the core values for women emerged the Victorian Age when the men and women were structured into two separate spheres. The women Sphere was called “Cult of Domesticity,” which included four basic core values namely Purity, Piety, Submission and domesticity.  it was then believed that women are highly sensitive and over depended on men therefore, their natural place should be within the four corners of the cult.

Women who refuse to adapt to these core values are seen to be defective. Men viewed their character as unnatural behaviour. Do you agree? However, women were meant to be submissive but not to be a sub- servant to men. Both are co-creators in Gods’ sight.




 Women and men were structured into two separate spheres. The women sphere was called the CULT OF DOMESTICITY, which includes four core values namely piety, purity, submission and domesticity. It was believed that women are highly sensitive and dependent  in nature, therefore, women should be restricted to the cult. Women who refused to adopt to these values were considered defective.

Despite  the changes in the globe and the level societies have come, even looking at how far the women have emancipated yet, these ideas still linger in so many societal belief culture. I can tell you that this type of ideas are deeply imbedded within values and generations yet unborn will meet it. Stephanie Carrol in her comment asserted strict adherence to these values causes “Hysteria” in women.

However, these values though still lingers will not form the bases of women being sub-servants to men.


I know somebody will ask, what do I mean by respect? Respect in this piece is about God and Man. Respect for the creator, every human being must acknowledge that our existence on this planet earth is not from Man. Our basic rights and freedom came from God.The constitutions of nations were developed by men who are created by God, a power greater than themselves that endowed every human being with certain unalienable rights that no government or legal document  could ever revoke or take away.

Respect for Others. The manner in which we talk to others determines if we have the welfare of the other at heart. Courtesy and politeness in our actions and speeches especially when addressing an older person or a mate is very important. Personal recognition of mutual interdependence with others through cooperation enhances respect.

Respect involves building integrity,  virtue and uprightness of character that is free from hypocrisy, cultivation of  patience , good sportsmanship, trustworthy and sincerity.

The rate at which people conceals truth is alarming. Self respect involves accountability that is being responsible for your actions and the consequences that followed it. Is there anything to be done?


Children are meant to be well taken care by providing  them with a good environment where they will develop their potentials. Children deserved to be free to enable them explore and engage the world around them. When children are loved, respected and nurtured with honour, they grow to be respectful, friendly, critical thinkers, kind, compassionate and problem solvers. The society will enjoy them. the communities should arise and create an enabling environment that will provides children with opportunities to explore, develop creativity and have deeper experiences. Think about this

Soricov Nigeria Enviromental Core Values Programe


A Brief Introduction:

The organization, Society for Reinvention of Core Values (SORICOV), Nigeria is an NGO. We are duly incorporated with CAC (Reg. No. 53300) in line with requirements of the law guiding operation of Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs] in Nigeria.

Our cardinal objective is to pursue the course of, and contribute to all noble efforts by governments, organisations and individuals aimed at building a values-based Nigerian society, providing an alternative platform for re-evaluation, rejuvenation and revolution of ideal values in Nigeria society, by collaborating with any identified relevant government and non-governmental establishment/agency/organ, group or individual(s) – local and international, in the course of identification/formation, development and execution of identified projects and programmes in the national core values re-invention and sustenance mission.

The education vision of Nigeria by year 20:20:20 is “modern and vibrant education system that provides for every Nigerian the opportunity and facility to achieve his maximum potential and provides the country with adequate and competent manpower,” according to item 4 on the Vision 20:20:20 agenda document. However, with the advent of the computers, GSM and internet technologies, the trend runs counter as seen below, thus calling for concerted urgent remedies.
Poor Performances In Our Schools Vis-À-Vis Abuse And Misapplication Of GSM Phones And The Social Media/Internet By Students In Nigeria Which Portends Dire Consequences On The Sundry Future Of Our Nation